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Lapland Welcome is a pioneer company in Lapland, which has been providing nature holidays and tours in Finland for 20 years. Our company is a nature and Aurora Expert of Lapland, merged with the talented activity organizer. Awarded by TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Listed in TripAdvisor as the 3rd most instagram-worthy destination in the world 2019. Awarded as the 14th best blog in Finland 2018. Registered as an official incoming travel agency in Finland by number 12062/08/MjU. Enjoy the best activities in Lapland and come photographing or just relaxing in Lapland with us!

Covid-19 INFO (19th of September 2020)

Finland´s international travel is now divided into two groups:


Arriving from low Covid-19 countries:
From 19th of Sept traveling to Finland from countries of cases under 25/100 000 population, without testing procedures or quarantine, no matter how long the stay (Germany, Australia, Japan etc.)   BOOK ANY HOLIDAY PACKAGE WITH US!


Arriving from higher Covid-19 countries:
From 23rd of Nov traveling to Finland from countries with cases over 25/100 000 population, in stays under 72 hours, the traveller must present a fresh under 72 hours old negative test result from the country of departure. (No quarantine or testing procedures in Finland, countries like France, Italy, Spain etc.) We do not recommend over 72 hours stay in this case. BOOK A PACKAGE FOR MAX 3 NIGHTS IN FINLAND STARTING AFTER 23rd of NOVEMBER 2020!


Once-in-a-lifetime experiences we recommend.


15 April 2018

Top notch

Well organised outfit. Friendly , knowledgeable staff. Pick up on time. 5 hour tour which included...

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Once the northern lights got started they could not stop 29.08.2020

Tonight we headed out to our viewing spot as the last of day light refused to give up the sky to darkness. We kept checking out for signs of the northern lights as the brightness faded. As we made our way up to our viewing location we met a single toad on the path, it…
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Swirling curves on the northern lights 11.04.2020

What a difference a day makes! Again a clear sky but tonight the northern lights were out to impress. Swirls and curves of bright northern lights moving across the sky. The twilight unnoticed in this bright display. Dancing lights: Photos below:
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A perfect sky, pale northern lights and so many stars 10.04.2020

The sky was so perfect, just the last hint of daylight in the north, soon will be the time of the midnight sun. But for tonight there were so many stars and clear sky. The northern lights were pale across the sky, and for this moment the edge of the twilight, the northern lights and…
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Sometimes the cloud can be a benefit, even with the full Pink Super Moon 08.04.2020

The northern lights were dancing in the twilight this evening. The bright twilight though was hiding them. The moon rose and it was bright, but some cloud turned up to cover exactly the brightest part of the twilight leaving  by now clearly visible northern lights somewhere to stand out. Ripples of light passed along the…
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Moose safari 25.09.2019

As we checked out some of the quieter corners of Lapland’s forests we noticed the sunlight starting to illuminate the clouds from underneath, a little pink to start with then becoming much brighter. Then just as this was reaching its brightest point a pink rainbow appeared, what a start to our safari. We moved on…
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High Moose Population

This summer we may enjoy high moose population. Many many large males maybe more than ever before. And big wood grouses. We have never seen so many before. Mother Nature can always surprise us! In the main picture you see mother and twin calves. It is challenging to make pictures from these extremely wild animals…
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Lapland Welcome offers a wide variety of holiday packages, programmes and accommodation throughout Finland and Lapland. From the Northern Lights to Icebreaker cruises, we arrange unique and unforgettable experiences both for individuals and groups, all year round.

Located in Lapland – Lapland Welcome is a registered package tour operator and an incoming travel agency, a destination management company (DMC) and an activity programme provider.

Whether you wish to see the Northern Lights, experience snowmobile riding, husky trips, reindeer safaris or reserve any services in Lapland, Lapland Welcome will arrange all the elements of your package holiday with meticulous care, allowing you to concentrate on having fun.

There are many ready-made packages to choose in wintertime and summertime. Particularly popular with visitors is the Aurora hunting, a guided tour where you go out on a search for the Northern Lights. Lapland Welcome offers Northern Lights trips every evening from August 21st to April 21st, taking you to the best viewing locations.

In summertime, we offer our famous Moose spotting safaris, where you have a chance to see the biggest wild animals in Europe, in the heart of nature! We also offer many other interesting tours!

Make your stay in Finland and Lapland even more enjoyable! Let us plan the details!

Early Bird and online discounts!

Enjoy our Early Bird discounts: If you book and pay activities minimum two weeks in advance you will enjoy extra discount. The discount % = number of activities + number of adults in one order!

Online discounts: 2% discount of all online bookings!