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Lapland Welcome is a pioneer company in Lapland, which has been providing nature holidays in Finland for over 10 years. The company is a nature and Aurora Expert of Lapland, merged with the talented activity organizer. Enjoy the best activities in Lapland!


June 28, 2017

Fishing Trip by Boat near Rovaniemi

My family and I are still talking about our fishing day we had two days ago. We had such a great time!...

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Such a perfect sky over Finish Lapland, 17.04.2019

The sky tonight was so clear, the snow hard and crisp to walk on as the ground frost took a firm grip on this land. The landscape was so beautiful in the moonlight,the occasional call from an owl in the forest reminded us we are never truly alone.  
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Hazy moonlight and stars,16.04.2019

As we headed out into the wilderness to our viewing location, the sky still filled with day light. As always we kept watch for any wildlife we might see, there were plenty of mountain hares again tonight to be seen. Then all of a sudden 2 roe dear ran across the road in front of…
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Mountain hares and a sky full of northern lights,15.04.2019

Our trip tonight started under a bright evening sky, the fading day light taking its time to leave the sky to darkness. As we walked up the hill to our viewing location the northern lights were rippling across the still bright sky, what a start to the night. The northern lights faded then brightened several…
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A beautiful sky and even some northern lights, 14.04.2019

The journey out into the wilderness was under a hazy sky full of sunset colours, the north western sky was still glowing when we arrived to our hill top viewing spot. As the day light faded away the northern lights began to reveal themselves to us, so easy to see in the photographs. The sky…
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A magical brightness night 02.07.2018

The sun shone brightly for our trip to the hill top, so at midnight we could raise our glasses to the midnight sun. It was so bright and as it became lower in the sky the colour of the light changed to a golden orange. This looked so beautiful as it lit up the big…
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What a perfect night for the moose safari! 30.06.2018

Just 10 minutes after we entered the endless forests of Lapland in the bright and golden midsummer sun, we had our first encounter with two young male moose. They just stood there, looking at our car, and posing for some pictures. We spent a good amount of time just watching those two beautiful animals before…
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Lapland Welcome offers a wide variety of holiday packages, programmes and accommodation throughout Finland and Lapland. From the Northern Lights to Icebreaker cruises, we arrange unique and unforgettable experiences both for individuals and groups, all year round.

Located in Lapland – Lapland Welcome is a registered package tour operator and an incoming travel agency, a destination management company (DMC) and an activity programme provider.

Whether you wish to see the Northern Lights, experience snowmobile riding, husky trips, reindeer safaris or reserve any services in Lapland, Lapland Welcome will arrange all the elements of your package holiday with meticulous care, allowing you to concentrate on having fun.

There are many ready-made packages to choose in wintertime and summertime. Particularly popular with visitors is the Aurora hunting, a guided tour where you go out on a search for the Northern Lights. Lapland Welcome offers Northern Lights trips every evening from August 21st to April 21st, taking you to the best viewing locations.

In summertime, we offer our famous Moose Spotting Safaris, where you have a chance to see the biggest wild animals in Europe, in the heart of nature!

Make your stay in Finland and Lapland even more enjoyable! Let us plan the details!

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Enjoy our Early Bird discounts: If you book and pay activities minimum two weeks in advance you will enjoy extra discount. The discount % = number of activities + number of adults in one order!


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