Beautiful Summers Evening

We had a beautiful summers evening to go looking for our largest wild
animal the moose. We have many different locations where the moose can be,
but it is always good luck and hard work finding them. The landscape is
now becoming colourful with the early summer wild flowers, they look their
best in the golden evening sunshine as we head towards that midnight sun

We found our first 2 moose, 2 young females (sisters). they were just over
a year old, one lying down the other standing, but both staring at us to
see what we do next. So we stared at the moose, and they stared back at us
for a while before we continued our search for moose in other locations.
It is always fantastic to see these wild animals in their own environment,
and they are designed to fit into this landscape and not be noticed. Our
guests enjoyed the journey down wilderness tracks and the chance to
venture into these rugged wild places searching for what is hiding there.

The next moose was also a female but older and quite full grown, she
stared at us for a while before heading into the trees.
We also saw a roe deer who watched us while standing in the taller grass
on the edge of a field before running away to hide amongst the bushes and

A sucsessful trip looking into some remote corners of Lapland, the whole
group enjoyed the experience and it was a little sad to return to town.