A beautiful summer night 20.06.2018

The sky cleared as we headed out of town to leave us with perfect conditions for searching for moose. Even so it took quite a while to find out first moose, a female but some distance away in a clearing. She froze as though posing for us, but actually hoping not to be noticed. We continued our search but again time passed and we made one last pass to see what we could see. Time was on our side as always with this safari and we soon found a young male in an open area grazing. he was not disturbed by us and continued eating raising his head after ripping each mouthful of vegetation from his surroundings. It was incredible to see the bunches of grass/twigs disappearing so rapidly into the animal. As we left him he ran away to find cover in the trees. Soon we found moose number 3, another female just close to the road and she stared at us for long enough for us all to get some good pictures, a very good moose encounter.
Our last moose was a one year old female who was close but behind some small birch trees, she watched us through the leafy twigs and we watched back at her. That left us with the journey back to town through the misty landscape of a beautiful summer morning in Lapland.

Please find pictures of the tour here.