A magical brightness night 02.07.2018

The sun shone brightly for our trip to the hill top, so at midnight we could raise our glasses to the midnight sun. It was so bright and as it became lower in the sky the colour of the light changed to a golden orange. This looked so beautiful as it lit up the big old pine tree close to our viewing spot. We took a picture of us all standing with our shadows stretching out across the rocks to the base of this big old tree. The sun also shone into our little Kohta through the back window, lighting up the inside beautifully. The smoke from the fire getting going added a magical brightness, and later we enjoyed our fireside moment. The tin melting as always revealed a positive pathway for the future. And on the way back just to bring the forest to life, 2 young moose raced across the road right in front of our car, always good to see them.