A truly fantastic night 02.04.2020

The northern lights were quite pale in the clear sky. The evening passed with just a few weak signs of life from the northern lights. They filled the sky but were so pale and to the eye not easy to see in the bright moon light. Then the huge arc of the northern lights almost above us gradually became brighter. It was full of detail, tall streaks of light moving gently above us but very pale. The moon was winning the competition as to who is the brightest, but that was about to end. The arc of the northern lights crept a little further south, brightening as it did so. Its color and shape now clear to the naked eye and the shutter speed on the camera was dropping by several seconds as the situation improved. Then the clean edge of the arc began to buckle above us, forming waves and now getting very bright. And that was the end of the competition with the moon, full power directly overhead from the northern lights. The base of the now very bright arc increased in brightness dramatically and turned pink –and I mean bright pink!-. You no longer noticed the moon, the shear amount of light created by the northern lights dominated the whole sky, WOW! 

Dancing lights: