Ivalo – Saariselkä

Despite Ivalo and Saariselka are located in a remote far north setting, it is easy to reach by plane and with the transfer service from Rovaniemi provided by Lapland Welcome. Ivalo boasts the best services in Northern Lapland, not to mention having numerous tourist sights truly worth experiencing, such as the Urho Kekkonen National Park, Lake Inarijärvi and the expansive surrounding wilderness.

Lapland Welcome has got an excellent private site for following the Northern Lights in this area.

Our office is situated in address and Ivalontie 12 IVALO. It is open daily at least 18…21 in high season longer.

We also have an office in Saariselka in address Kelotie 1 Siula house which is open on request.

Call us +358 40 3218069

We open the winter season on 28th of October 2019 which is exceptionally early and will finish it 15th of April 2020!