After waiting we finally got northern lights in a clear sky 04.10.2019

As we headed out into the wilderness under a now cloudy sky we kept an eye on the sky. We stopped at our usual places to check for activity and at the second location we could see the sky was bright so we checked with the camera. Sure enough the whole sky was flooded with green light from the northern lights, even to the south it was all green. The cloud though was not going anywhere so we continued on to our final viewing spot where we hopped the sky would be clearer. By the time we arrived the cloud was not as bright but the first stars were just moments away from peeping through the cloud as it began to break up, the northern lights still producing some brightness but they had drifted back to the north and were no longer overhead. As we waited the sky kept clearing but the northern lights were just a green glow. We got our second burst of brightness but mostly still behind cloud, though the eastern end was in clear sky. Then we were just packing up and the last of the cloud drifted off to the west and the northern lights came back with just a little dancing across the sky, what a pay off for having faith and waiting. The camera full of pictures and the warm fireside had been enjoyed we headed back when nature gave us one more fantastic moment with 6 moose just beside the road, what an ending to our trip.