Amazing northern lights on our way out into the wilderness 05.11.2019

Once we left street lighting behind us we could see stars in a clear sky, the sky was so clear and excitement was creeping up. We stopped at our first usual stopping spot to see a pale arc of the northern lights reaching across the sky. So everyone out and cameras mounted on tripods and our first pictures of the northern lights, we waited but not for long and they came brighter. Now tall fuzzy pillars of light began to wander along the arc of the northern lights. We watched for a while as the northern lights brightened and faded but were always visible. The lights faded and we moved on, keeping an eye on the sky and the northern lights as we drove. We arrived to our second checking spot to see the lights becoming very bright, a pink and green display bursting out of the arc of the northern lights. Everyone out and camera mounted and pictures being taken. The bright band shattered into tall wandering swirling pillars of light wandering southward towards us from the arc of the northern lights, WOW! This moment was going to take some beating, what a display, what pictures. Finally we made out way up our little hill under a clear sky, the northern lights now very pale but still hanging on. From the hill top while we watched the northern lights we got another burst of activity, wow what a night we were having. The fireside was so tempting after getting an eye full of northern lights, how satisfying to sit around the fire at the end of a successful trip.

Please download photos taken from the Auroras Tour on 5.11 from down below:

Lapland Welcome – Auroras Tour 5.11