Another misty sunlit night 21.06.2018

Once again we went searching for moose under a perfect midsummer sky, and of course the sun did not set. With the golden sunlight illuminating the landscape the whole night we ventured into the hidden corners of the forests. The first moose though took some time to locate, but down a track in the forest it stood staring back at us, this young male trying to master the art of staying hidden still has lots to learn.

Our second moose was doing a much better job of hiding, just those tell tale ears that gave here away. Standing among young birch trees her shape was lost in the greenery. This moose stared back at us and eventually headed into the taller trees and disappeared from sight.

The last moose of the night was taken by surprise, standing on the edge of the road at a junction. Our arrival on the screen disturbed it and it rushed forward and into the forest and out of sight, a classic example of a moose encounter when you get too close too quickly.

We also saw 2 roe deer, and some good examples of bird life including a curlew with its little chick stumbling along behind it, very cute. We also got a good look at 2 very handsome capercaillie males that wandered across the road in front of us.

We stopped a couple of times on the return journey for landscape pictures, it was another misty sunlit night up here in Lapland.

Please find pictures of the tour here