Aurora hunting in the first proper snowfall of this season 08.10.2019

It was snowing as we left town on our safari tonight, quite heavily in places and the landscape little by little was turning white as it settled. We stopped at our first usual checking spot, as I stood staring up at the sky in the snow I could see just a few stars so some cause for optimism. We continued on to our second checking place and found as I stared up in the falling snow the sky was totally clear and we could see so many stars and just a little weak northern lights across the sky. What an experience for our guests to stand under a crystal clear sky while it was snowing and see so clearly. We stood watching for a while then the clear sky began to become hazy so it was time to move on to our destination.

The snow kept falling sometimes only a little and then in places quite heavily we could see the moon from time to time through hazy cloud as we carried on our way. At our destination we again arrived under a clear sky with snow falling, just stars visible now though. The clear sky though could only hold off the cloud for so long and then the stars became fuzzy then disappeared from view. The clear sky we started with gave hope that as it so often does it would return so we enjoyed the flickering light of the fireside while we waited. The return journey to town was in a white landscape, we spotted a few moose feeding in open areas beside the road, nature continues despite the snow it would seam.

Photo comes from our archives.