Creating a group by sharing an experience 21.11.2019

The fireside set the scene for a shared experience in the wilderness, a group of travelers from all over the globe gathered together around the fire in the kohta to share an experience. Our food selection impressed our guests and when warmed over the fire it was enjoyed, warm berry juice was popular tonight. We kept an eye on the sky both through the camera and with the naked eye, but the fireside was the place to be. Then we had time to share some Lappish shamanism, this was a discovery for our guests some new experience. Then the melting of the tins and dropping it into water drew our guests together, eager to learn and experience more a group now not separate travelers anymore. The interpreting the result of this process was eagerly waited for, just the last tin to tip into the water. The shadows tonight were so detailed, so much to explore and interpret,our imaginations were running away with our thoughts with so much to look forward to, a story to take home.

Please download photos taken during Auroras Tour on 21.11.2019 from down below:

Lapland Welcome – Auroras Tour 21.11