Dark starry sky for most of the evening and a mother and baby moose encounter on the way back 26-02-22

The cloud retreated to reveal so many stars above us tonight, we waited
and watched. The cloud returned so we enjoyed time around the fire with
food and warm drinks. Hot berry juice was the choice tonight followed be
sharing our Lappish shamanism with our guests, the orange glow of the
fire illuminating our faces as we watched the little horseshoes melt. A
story to take home and a chance to examine the future and the positive
things to come. The sky cleared again, so many stars to stare back at us
from deep space, our location was doing its best for us. On the return
journey a mother and baby moose were on the road, we disturbed them as
we drove home. The mother was soon off into the forest but the young one
ran down the road for a while in front of us. We stopped so as not to
separate the two and watched the young moose work out where its mother
was and head off through the deep snow to join her in the forest. A
beautiful encounter with our wildlife.