Followed by the northern lights 29.11.2019

We stopped at our first usual checking spot for the northern lights to find a pale but clearly visible arc of the northern lights reaching across the sky. As it is our job to show our visitors what there is to see, we did exactly that and showed them. So cameras ready to go we got into some northern lights photography, lots of pictures of a green arc of northern lights just above the horizon. We headed on to our destination as our bus pulled back out onto the road I noticed the northern lights were looking higher in the sky. When we arrived to our viewing location to find hazy cloud with the northern lights behind, you could see brighter patches in the sky marking where the arc of the northern lights were. And as I explained how the spectacle we call the northern lights is created the brightness came higher as the northern lights came south, they were following us tonight. Then as our guests were around the fire our hill top began to open the cloud, just an odd star to start with then 2 and then 3 and more. The northern lights arc could be seen crossing the holes in the cloud above us, the northern lights were peeping through to check if we were looking at them, had we noticed? The northern lights display peaked and then began to retreat back to the north, though they were very helpful as they appeared to drag the edge of the hazy cloud back with them leaving the sky clear with just hazy stripes of northern lights left behind. What an ending to our time on our hill top, a fantastic night.

Please download photos taken during the Auroras Tour on 29.11 from down below:

Lapland Welcome – Auroras Tour 29.11