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Lapland Welcome est une entreprise pionnière en Laponie, offrant des vacances au cœur de la nature en Finlande depuis près d'une décennie. La société est un expert dans la nature et les aurores boréales de Laponie, et un organisateur très qualifié.

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23 May 2016


Nous avons réservé un safari en raquettes à Korouoma Canyon... et aucun regret ! Notre guide était...

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Our patience was rewarded tonight 17-04-22

We watched the sky very carefully as the twilight faded, searching for the first hints of northern lights activity. And sure enough the arc of the northern lights began to appear across the sky. Quickly we hurried to get some pictures, those all important mementos from a visit to Lapland and as we did this…
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Northern lights in a twilight sky, and STEVE turned up 15-04-22

On our journey out to location the northern lights defied the bright twilight sky to blaze an orang/green stripe across the sky. Wow what a moment to jump out of the car to watch, it lasted long enough to get some great pictures and what a start to our Safari. The northern lights continued to…
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Crescent moon setting, and just a little northern lights 04-04-22

Tonight the crescent moon was with us for the whole of our trip, however it was only visible through the trees as we returned to town. The northern lights made a brief appearance across the sky, as always we wanted more but a chance at least to practice our photographic skills on them. The display…
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What an instant reward we got for climbing up our hill tonight 01-04-22

We watched the sky very carefully as the daylight faded into twilight, the sky gradually darkening revealing the first stars. When we arrived at out hill top viewing location we could by now see an arc of brightness across the sky, quickly snatching the first all important pictures with our visitors through the camera you…
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Midnight Sun Special 5.7.2022

What a beautiful night we had.05-07-22 The sky was mostly clear with pink and blue/grey clouds drifting from south to north, the crescent moon hanging in the west. The sun was so bright though we did loose it behind cloud for a while around midnight the night still felt magical, and by 12.45 the sun…
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Bright Sunshine and Crazy Arctic Hares 09-06-22

The sky cleared as we left town, once out into the wilderness it was none stop bright sunshine all night. The view from our little mountain top did not disappoint tonight, the whole landscape bathed in beautiful golden sunshine for the whole of our trip, the Midnight sun at its best. Lots of chances for…
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