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Lapland Welcome est une entreprise pionnière en Laponie, offrant des vacances au cœur de la nature en Finlande depuis près d'une décennie. La société est un expert dans la nature et les aurores boréales de Laponie, et un organisateur très qualifié.

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23 May 2016


Nous avons réservé un safari en raquettes à Korouoma Canyon... et aucun regret ! Notre guide était...

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Celebration Dinner, Fireside Shamanism and the New Year 31.12.2020

The Celebration Dinner began with a welcome address for our visitors, there was something for everyone on the menu tonight. After the hearty meal we were all ready to head back out into the snow, first to our riverside kota to gather around the fire and experience some Lappish shamanism. This is the perfect night…
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The night of the Cold Moon 29.12.2020

Tonight as the full Cold Moon rose we headed out into the wilderness, the moonlight illuminating the snow covered landscape. Just around one bend in the road we disturbed a moose, it was standing on the road and moved away from us down the road, we followed it. The moose soon took a left turn…
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Moonlight, stars and futures revealed 25.12.2020

Our hill was fighting the cloud as best it could tonight, the hole in the cloud would open then the cloud would creep back. We watched as the northern lights were explained, their creation and folk law. The orange glow of the fire visible through the gaps around the kota door were drawing us near.…
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Fireside stories and fun 23.12.2020

The fireside tonight was the place to be, the flickering flames illuminating the kota. The food heated and enjoyed, these travelers were hungry and enjoyed our selection of wilderness treats. Myths and legends told while keeping an eye on the sky for signs of activity. Their futures soon revealed as we shared some Lappish shamanism,…
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Moose safari 25.09.2019

As we checked out some of the quieter corners of Lapland’s forests we noticed the sunlight starting to illuminate the clouds from underneath, a little pink to start with then becoming much brighter. Then just as this was reaching its brightest point a pink rainbow appeared, what a start to our safari. We moved on…
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High Moose Population

This summer we may enjoy high moose population. Many many large males maybe more than ever before. And big wood grouses. We have never seen so many before. Mother Nature can always surprise us! In the main picture you see mother and twin calves. It is challenging to make pictures from these extremely wild animals…
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