Hazy sky with northern lights, 08.02.2019

Tonight we made our way out into the wilderness under the cover of cloud and falling snow. We arrived to our base camp and made our way to the viewing location. The sky was without stars visible but quite bright, but just white through the camera. Then as the explanation of the northern lights began a band of brightness became visible along with the first stars. The band of brightness faded then returned brighter and also this time with the clear structure of the northern lights arc across the sky. And sure enough it was green in our pictures, a better result than had been imagined after the cloudy snowy start to the trip. The northern lights strengthened and then faded as they can do, the stars stayed visible above us. The fireside was the place to be while the northern lights took a rest, and in one clients future a moose was clearly seen posing in a majestic way. What an animal to represent your standing in the world.