Snow / ice season in Lapland

November 15th – May 1st

Average temperature Cº Average snow / ice level Daylight hours
Nov 15 -5,9 14 cm 5h35’
Dec 15 -10,9 29 cm 3h21’
Jan 15 -12,8 42 cm 4h34’
Feb 15 -11,4 57 cm 8h05’
March 15 -7,0 62 cm 11h34’
April 15 -1,1 54 cm 15h40’

Have a look about how winter season is in Finland by this video here!

Midnight sun, summer time

May – June – July

Around Midsummer in Rovaniemi Lapland, the sun does not set for several weeks. Even in August, the ’night’ consists of a period of prolonged twilight rather than real darkness.
This video shows how summer is in Lapland, have a look HERE !

Late summer – Autumn

August – October

This is time for colors and great Northern Lights. All summer activities are still available although the days are getting shorter. The best time for hiking.

“Kaamos” time

November – February

From November to February, various shades of soothing blue are Lapland’s most distinctive colors. The land is cloaked in a dim veil of light, known as the ’kaamos’, and bedded down for its winter slumber. During these mid-winter months, the sun does not rise at all. The bright stars and sometimes moon combined with totally white and pure snow anyway give light enough in clear nights to see very well.

As a counterbalance to the sleepy world of snow and ice, the Northern Lights flash across the clear night skies. It’s possible to see the phenomenon in any part of Lapland – if the weather conditions are right, but the best bet is in February-March and September-October.

This is good time for winter activities and Northern Lights. Christmas-New Year time is very famous for the atmosphere.



This is the best time for winter activities and long safaris. It is also the best tome for following Northern Lights as the weather is turning already warmer and days longer.