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Lapland Welcome è un'azienda pioniera in Lapponia, che offre vacanze nella natura in Finlandia da quasi un decennio. L'azienda è esperta nella natura e nelle Luci Nordiche della Lapponia ed in un'organizzazione esperta di attività.

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June 28, 2017

Fishing Trip by Boat near Rovaniemi

My family and I are still talking about our fishing day we had two days ago. We had such a great time!...

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The perfect night to see the Northern Lights. 18-09-23

So close to the new moon at the equinox with a Kp6 predicted, there was a sense of excitement as we headed out into the wilderness. We did not have too long to wait in fact just long enough to explain how the northern lights are created and they simply got on with it. The…
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Wow that was worth waiting for.13-09-23

We drove out to the wilderness in pouring rain, however as we approached our destination the sky began to clear. We were able to spot the northern lights once we arrived to our viewing location, only very pale in the twilight so we watched and waited. The sky darkened and the arc of the northern…
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So bright stars filled the sky tonight.11-09.23

As we watched the twilight fade from the sky the stars became visible and were so clear and bright. The northern lights were hiding between the cloud but they kept their bit of the sky bright and became visible, a quick check with the camera revealed purple light with the green below of the northern…
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Big holes in the cloud and bright firelight. 16-09-23

Tonight the cloud crossing the sky had huge holes in it for us to look through, we watched and waited to spot the northern lights. Our beautiful location illuminated in the twilight gave a magical feeling. The light from the fire pulled us around, c chance to warm some food and share stories of Lapland.…
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Beautiful summer 2022

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Midnight Sun Special 5.7.2022

What a beautiful night we had.05-07-22 The sky was mostly clear with pink and blue/grey clouds drifting from south to north, the crescent moon hanging in the west. The sun was so bright though we did loose it behind cloud for a while around midnight the night still felt magical, and by 12.45 the sun…
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