Icebreaker Cruise 27.12.-13.4.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION [Posizione: Rovaniemi]

  • Durata
    Cruise at the sea 4 h
  • Disponibilità
    27th of December 2018 - 13th of April 2019, bookings by email only
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Icebreaker Cruise,
Northern Lights Night and Icebreaker Cruise,
Northern Lights Night, Overnight in a Snow Igloo and Icebreaker Cruise

The mighty Icebreaker Sampo operates on the Gulf of Bothnia right outside the city of Kemi. A cruise on the Sampo offers you the most exciting, memorable moments in the arctic nature; while the huge vessel breaks ice, you may admire the beauty of vast open ice fields all around, and the ever changing sky above. The sun may reflect back from the white snow cover, or, as the twilight sets in, it may set down in rays of warm colours of yellow, orange and red, even lilac, and more.

On board the Icebreaker you will have a guided tour from the Captain’s bridge all the way down to the engine rooms. A delicious meal is served in the ship’s elegantly cosy Restaurant. And: before returning to the port, the ship will make a one-hour stop to enable each visitor to participate in the swimming event, comfortably dressed in impermeable survival suits. At the end of this unique cruise experience, the Captain will present the Sampo Cruise Certificate to each and every one.

Capacity on board: 150 persons, reservations must be made in advance Departure: From the Port of Ajos in Kemi, situated 11 km / 10 minutes drive south from   the city centre. Boarding time: Half an hour (30 min) before the departure Duration: 4 hours

Good to know: During the cruise we recommend you to dress in layered, warm outerwear in order to stay comfortable both inside the Icebreaker as well as out on the deck. In conjunction of the swimming/floating event, the ice and weather conditions permitting, clients may be allowed to walk on the ice also. Due to safety reasons, about 15 clients are allowed to go floating at the same time.   Your personal floating time is mentioned in the tailored cruise timetable you receive upon arrival. Swimming/floating event is voluntary, though we highly recommend this utterly unique experience. Please note: minimum height for swimming/floating is 145 cm.

There are three different options to join this tour.

1. Ice Breaker Cruise 499 Euros / adult

Day trip to Kemi and icebreaker cruise. Icebreaker “Visit” option.

2. Northern Lights Night and Icebreaker Cruise 699 Euros / adult

This tour includes famous Lapland Welcome Auroras Northern Lights tour, overnight in Aurora Apartment with barbeque and breakfast + icebreaker cruise. The overnight can be either day before or on the same day with icebreaker cruise. Icebreaker “Stay” option.

3. Northern Lights Night in a Snow Igloo and Icebreaker Cruise 799 Euros / adult

This tour includes famous Lapland Welcome Auroras Northern Lights tour, overnight in a snow igloo with barbeque and breakfast + ice breaker cruise. The overnight can be either day before or on the same day with icebreaker cruise. Icebreaker “Stay” option.

All Lapland Welcome cruises include return transfers from your hotel, appropriate winter clothes and shoes, transfers to the icebreaker and back and ice swimming, lunch on board. Visit in Kemi SnowCastle is included when it is open and safe, usually in February – March.


Finland is the only country in the world where all the ports freeze during the winter. Finland’s industries rely very much on maritime transportation, so keeping the winter ports open and operational is essential for international competitiveness.  Constructed in 1960, the icebreaker Sampo served in active icebreaking duty from 1961-1987. After that Sampo was rebuilt and found a new home in Kemi as a tourist attraction. Every year about 7 500 – 12 000 tourists take a cruise on the Sampo.

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Payment methods:

Invoicing, credit cards, voucher (cash)

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Adults, young people, couples, families, senior citizens, singles, children



Optional languages:

Finnish, German, French, Spanish…

Price includes:

Return transfers from your hotel reception, adventure gear, guidance services, lunch on board, organizer’s liability insurance, safari desk support…