Katkavaara – Trip to Auttiköngäs Water Falls


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Easy hiking and nature! The participants are fetched from the hotels in Rovaniemi at 10 o’clock and transported to Auttiköngäs. It is a beautiful journey in the valley of river Kemijoki. At Auttiköngäs we get the right equipment like rubber boots and insect hats.

Auttiköngäs is a dream-come-true destination for day trip visitors. It is easy to reach and has magnificent landscape. The area´s main sight and attraction is the 16-metre-high Auttiköngäs falls. Auttiköngäs was established as a protected forest in 1995; later it was named a landscape forest.

Today Auttiköngäs is part of the Northern Finland old-growth forest protection program.The forest in the Auttiköngäs area is so old that it can be called primary or virgin forest. There has never been any organised logging in the area. The terrain is varying and jagged. The top of the large Könkäänvaara Hill reaches a height of 240 m, while Ispinävaara Hill at 190 m is definitely not as high but it is much steeper.

During this trip we will be hiking a nice distance depending on the conditions there. We will be back in town at about 4 P.M.

Auttiköngäs recreation area is situated in the city of Rovaniemi. There is a 3,5 kilometres long nature path, which is mainly paved with boardwalks. Along the path there is a suspension bridge and a view tower. In the starting point there is a lean-to shelter and an open cottage Uittopirtti.

Auttiköngäs is a north-south orientated fracture in the bedrock, which is millions of years old. During the ice ages, the continental glaciers wore down and rounded off the forms of the fracture. At the end of the ice age, Auttiköngäs belonged to a glacial river system running from the Kemijoki River valley to Korouomaa and on to Kuusamo. In the area of Auttiköngäs, raised beaches created during the time of Ancylusjärvi Lake.

Donload if .pdf: Trip to Auttiköngäs Water Falls



99 euros / person and 49,50 euros / child below 15, minimum of two adults


6 hours





Payment methods:

Invoicing, credit cards, voucher (cash)

Suitable for:

Adults, young people, couples, families, senior citizens, singles, children



Optional languages:

Finnish, German, French, Spanish…

Price includes:

Transportation, adventure gear, guidance services, organizer’s liability insurance, safari desk support

Physical classification:



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