Just when we thought it was all over 26-08-23

We made our way out into the wilderness as the sun set, such beautiful
reflections of the mirror smooth water as we left town. We arrived to
our hill top viewing spot to watch the bright colours of what was left
of the sunset begin to fade, but slowly. We had a great time around the
fire as we waited for the sky to darken, and sure enough finally the arc
of the northern lights became visible against the still colourful sky..
The northern lights brightened and faded as we watched and it gave us
our first chance to get some pictures with the clients. Then as the sky
got dark enough to see the milky way the northern lights were no where
to be seen, so we headed back to town, the northern lights though were
not done giving a strong burst of dancing pillars of light as we headed
home, we stopped to watch. Then as we passed one of our viewing spots
another burst of activity caught our eyes and this time the camera was
set up and we got the all important pictures of happy smiles under the
northern lights, what an ending to our trip.