Lappish magic under the northern lights 22.11.2019

We arrived to our viewing spot and before anything else I set up the camera to check the cloudy sky for signs of northern lights, Wow the whole sky was green. The colour of the northern lights was coming through the cloud in all directions, north, east, west and even the south, what a display was hiding behind the cloud. We hoped for the cloud to open, though the fireside was a good place to do this. We kept checking the sky both with the naked eye and through the camera, the amount of green gradually fading as the evening progressed. We had time to share our Lappish shaman tradition, somehow more magical and revealing doing this under the northern lights. One couple had failed to admit to being on their honeymoon, but the tins revealed this to their surprise. This old Lappish tradition is so revealing, the atmosphere was charged with magic from the northern lights, if only the cloud would open. Well we set off back to town but stopped to check at a favorite spot of mine, and what a good idea this was as there were stars visible above us. I got everyone out of the minibus and we waited, the camera was again set up, as we watched the cloud began to tear open a bit the northern lights could be seen through the rips in the cloud. We arrived at just the right time to see this, it was our chance to see the northern lights and to photograph them through the rips in the cloud. What an ending to our trip, just as our guests had given up all hope, that is chasing the northern lights for you, never give up!