Lappish shamanism magic around the fire 20.11.2019

Our time at our viewing spot started with explaining how the northern lights are created along with some folk law and language of the northern lights. Now while I was talking I was watching the sky for any signs of stars or northern lights activity, as I talked the glow of the fire grew brighter through the windows of the kohta inviting us in. The food was soon warming over the fire, sausages for those who wanted heating on forks over the glowing embers around the fire. Then came the drinks choice, how revealing this was tonight, what an insight. Then we all went outside to examine the sky, although the other guides had been keeping an eye on the situation while we enjoyed the fireside experience. Then there was time for us to explore some Lappish shamanism, again we gathered around the fire. With eager anticipation the tins were melted and dropped into the pot of water, and as soon as everyone was done the interpretation of the results could begin. Well a few shocks tonight for some couples but the one dancer among us was surprised to have this revealed in his shadow, ah how everything is revealed and as we know the tin never lies.

Please download photos taken during Auroras Tour 20.11 from down below:

Lapland Welcome – Auroras Tour 20.11