Lots of moose and some northern lights 05.10.2019

As we headed out in the wilderness on our way to our viewing destination, some eyes watching us reflected back our car lights. We slowed and turned so as to illuminate the little roe deer grazing in a field only to find out it was not alone and there were several moose quite close which we could see now. We arrived to our destination to find stars beginning to appear through the clearing cloud, ah now it looks better. We waited spending some time around the fire and watching the stars appear and then disappear and hoping for the northern lights to appear. Then the sky got brighter and the cameras were clicking away as the arc of the northern lights reached across the sky but sadly mostly behind cloud, the whole sky now green through the camera. But you know what ever you get from the northern lights it is never enough, we always wish for more. The journey home we kept a watch on the sky hoping for more northern lights, but just more moose, mothers and young lurking now next to the road.