Moonlight, stars and futures revealed 25.12.2020

Our hill was fighting the cloud as best it could tonight, the hole in the cloud would open then the cloud would creep back. We watched as the northern lights were explained, their creation and folk law. The orange glow of the fire visible through the gaps around the kota door were drawing us near. The food warmed on the fire and enjoyed, and the choice of drinks as revealing as ever while stories about Lapland were shared. There was time to experience some Lappish shamanism, to see the positive aspects of our futures. Some pointers for a good living to come and ambitions to be pursued. In the shadows of our creations one guest could see the mother in law to be! Wow how realistic it was, and another guest could see the form of a cat, or a man with a large nose in her future. Laughter rang out on our little hilltop tonight another shared experience, a story to take back home.