Moose safari 12.06.2018

Eagerly we set out to search for moose in perfect conditions, after enjoying a fireside experience beside a little lake its surface flat like a mirror. It took a while to find our first moose which was a male grazing in a hay field, so we could see him very clearly and not too far away from us. He posed for a while changing position before he climbed down into the ditch to get at the side vegetation more easily. We moved on and in a large forest clearing down a little dirt track our eyes were drawn to the sunset colours of the late midnight sun in the sky. The second moose of the trip was standing with perfect camoflage of the ground, her colours matching the recently disturbed forest floor perfectly and by standing in a low spot she would have been easily missed. As we watched the sky the clients were amazed to see they too were being watched. We got very close to her and then she actually came up to the vehicle to investigate it, a very rare encounter. We all got a good look at her and she posed very nicely for us to get some pictures before she moved on. We got one more sighting of a big male rushing into the forest to avoid the paperazzi before heading home.

The clients were so happy with the whole experience, the moose of Lapland had been very generous with there time tonight.

Please find pictures of the safari here