Moose safari 25.09.2019

As we checked out some of the quieter corners of Lapland’s forests we noticed the sunlight starting to illuminate the clouds from underneath, a little pink to start with then becoming much brighter. Then just as this was reaching its brightest point a pink rainbow appeared, what a start to our safari. We moved on to make the best of the fading light, then we spotted a male moose lurking in a grassy forest area beside the road, he moved away but stayed quite close to the road. Then we noticed another larger male blocking his path, this larger animal charged the one we first spotted causing him to turn sharply and run, but not too far. At this point we noticed a female moose watching the competition, the larger male now put his front hoof’s on a hummock and stood looking very large and impressive, he had more than 5 spikes on each antler but not quite sure how many. Again the not so massive male approached and the larger animal leapt towards him head down and charged again. Wow what a special moment in a moose safari to see 2 of these huge animals fighting over a female, the other moose we saw somehow made less of an impression on us after this.