Northern Light Tour 05.12.2019

As the sun set and the sky got dark it was once again time for the guides at Lapland Welcome to prepare for a night of chasing the Northern Lights. Guests were arriving at the office, getting geared up to brave the cold weather and off we went on our bus to Kätkävaara. When we arrived there was a beautiful gap in the clouds above us giving us a glimpse of the night sky and the incredible stars. A beautiful sight on it’s own. Soon the roaring fire drew the guests into the hut to warm up with some snacks. The Northern Lights were stubborn and refused to come and dance but we will never let that be a damper so we took to tin melting and Finnish shamanic traditions revealing the fortunes for the year ahead. So much fun! After the kids were playing in the snow and soon the adults too were rolling around in the powder soft snow. Northern Lights we will catch you next time!