Northern Lights and A Soyuz 2 Rocket Launch to Light Up Our Sky on 29th of March 2023

As we made our way out into the wilderness tonight the cloud cover that
had delivered so much fresh snow was starting to break up. By the time
we got to our viewing spot there were so many stars already standing out
against the fading twilight. The northern lights gradually became
visible as the sky darkened and the last cloud retreated, a pale arc
across our sky. Then a perfectly timed check on the situation revealed
the bright plume from a rocket motor racing across our sky heading
north, a Soyuz 2 rocket on its way to space the exhaust stream sparkling
brightly in the darkness of space. Wow what a spectacle, then the
northern lights took up the challenge, not to be outdone they brightened
and filled the northern sky. 3 bands of light across the sky what a
night we had on our little hill top.