Northern lights in a twilight sky, and STEVE turned up 15-04-22

On our journey out to location the northern lights defied the bright
twilight sky to blaze an orang/green stripe across the sky. Wow what a
moment to jump out of the car to watch, it lasted long enough to get
some great pictures and what a start to our Safari. The northern lights
continued to amaze us once at our hill top location, with a final
display of tall pale pillars of light moving across the sky right over
our heads. The northern lights had really put on a display tonight but
the sky had one more treat for us, a bright stripe running from north to
south its brightness kept shifting and changing. It was not the northern
lights but had to be a STEVE (Strong Thermal Emission Velocity
Enhancement) often spotted by northern lights chasers and can look quite
like the northern lights in some way. What a night sky Lapland gave us
tonight, thank you so much.