Our little hill top opened the cloud to reveal the northern lights 04.11.2019

We helped our guests to get cameras and phone cameras set up before we left the changing room in town, then it was off out into the wilderness. So tonight we tramped a fresh path through untouched snow to our little hill top. The sky was clear as we set out but had no stars visible when we arrived to our viewing spot, so we waited. Then the hazy cloud retreated to reveal a huge hole in the cloud above our hill top, the stars were so bright. Then as the cloud retreated to the north the tops and then the whole of the northern lights became visible. Tall pillars of light wandering along the arc of the northern lights, yes this is exactly what we had hoped to see. The northern lights faded and so it was time to remember the flickering light of the birch wood fire waiting for us to warm our snacks over. As so often it happened that as the sausages were being heated from outside the call came “NORTHERN LIGHTS” so sausages steaming on forks out into the darkness we went to watch a bright display of the northern lights. It could be that the sausages taste better if they are exposed to the northern lights, it is worth trying.

Please download the photos taken from the Auroras Tour on 4.11 from down below:

Lapland Welcome – Auroras Tour 4.11