Our small mountain opens up the hazy cloud, oh yes and the northern lights were there waiting 30.11.2019

Our beautiful snow covered mountain is such a good spot to wait for a sight of the northern lights. The thin hazy cloud was hiding the stars to start with but the glow of the fire through the TP doorway was drawing us in, a Finish fireside experience awaited inside. Our hill top was not giving up, the stars one by one began to appear, then large holes opened up in the cloud to reveal the arc of the northern lights. Tonight again the arc of the northern lights was quite mobile, moving south and then retreating to the north, but the landscape did a good job of opening up the cloud and we could see the northern lights through rips in the cloud running roughly north south. The cloud to the west though opened up and there behind were curves and lines of the northern lights with thin pillars of light dancing along, oh how it was worth waiting for this.

Please download the photos taken during Auroras Tour on 30.11.2019 from down below:

Lapland Welcome – Auroras Tour 30.11