Perfect sky with good northern lights 27.08.2019

We climbed up the hill again avoiding the toads which tonight were really on parade, the sky so clear and bright. As the light levels dropped the milky way became clear to appreciate, and we started to spot shooting stars so some wishes were made tonight on our hilltop.

As we waited the twilight faded and then we could just make out the very pale arc of the northern lights, it had been hiding in the remains of the daylight. As the light levels continued to drop the northern lights came further south and from time to time brighter before fading a little. Then they became brighter and formed some tall pillars of light which moved across the sky, just what we had been waiting for.

The colours in the photographs were so spectacular, what a night. By the time we left the northern lights had drifted south of our little hill but had become quite pale, just a feint corona filling the sky above us as we walked down the hill, ahhh.