Posing moose in forest clearings. 16-7-21

Tonight the perfect conditions for spotting moose promised much, the
bright evening sunlight dazzling us on our journey out into the
wilderness. We explored some moose tracks on an overgrown lake, plenty
of activity judging by these but still hiding. We also spotted an Osprey
in our search for moose and the first cloud berries were enjoyed on the
edge of a lake. Our first moose a female posed for us in a forest
clearing, lots of time to take pictures and watch her, she stared back
curiously. Then just a moose bottom disappearing into the bushes was our
second sighting followed by 2 large handsome males, brothers we assume
hanging out together down a forest track. As they moved deeper into the
forest we watched their huge antlers disappearing from view into the
greenery. Another female on a field edge and finally a female again
posed for us in a forest clearing, staring back at us as we took
pictures and videoed her. How generous nature has been to us tonight. Picture comes from our archives.