Stars to give us hope 01.11.2019

We arrived to our wilderness destination to see just a few stars in the sky above our head. We walked in the fresh snow to our viewing spot enjoying the winter experience while keeping an eye on the sky. Our guests enjoyed the winters night trip and once the fire was lit they really came to life, the orange of the fire illuminating our faces in the dark. We kept checking the sky and the stars appeared and disappeared again so we knew the cloud was very thin above. The camera though could not find any sign of the northern lights, so we enjoyed the fireside while time passed. The food and warm drinks enjoyed it gave chance to explore our future for the positive things to look forward to. Well so much luck with love in this happy group of travellers, what a positive future they have.

Please download the photos taken from Auroras Tour 1.11 from down below:

Lapland Welcome – Auroras Tour 1.11