The cloud opened so fast, what a welcome for us!

We arrived at our viewing spot under a cloudy sky, the brightness of the moon visible in the southwest through the cloud. By the time the camera was set up and the explanation of the creation of the northern lights was underway, the stars started to appear above us and as we watched the whole the sky above us opened with just a hint of northern lights visible. The cloud returned so the fireside became an attraction, the food warmed and enjoyed and as the warm drinks were being served the northern lights brightened up and we could capture the green light of the northern lights through the holes in the retreating cloud. The bright arc of the northern lights visible through the cloud as it opened up again, we all watched as the
cloud retreated to reveal the more and more clear sky and northern lights. We had time to share our Lappish shaman tradition with our guests, their positive aspects of the future revealed what fun and how exciting.