The night of the Cold Moon 29.12.2020

Tonight as the full Cold Moon rose we headed out into the wilderness, the moonlight illuminating the snow covered landscape. Just around one bend in the road we disturbed a moose, it was standing on the road and moved away from us down the road, we followed it. The moose soon took a left turn and disappeared into the forest beside the road, just one of those unexpected meetings with our wildlife. We climbed up to our viewing location, the landscape looking beautiful covered in fresh snow and illuminated in the moonlight, what an experience. So many stories and tales of Lapland life shared around the fire with our guests, then we had time for some Lappish shamanism. Wow what futures were revealed, these local traditions we share can mean so much to our visitors, to become one of us for the evening. What a surprise for them also, a little girl coming soon!