They say all will come to those who wait, well it did tonight! 22.02.2022

The northern lights arc was visible reaching across the northern sky as we approached our first possible stopping place. There was no time to waste in getting our visitors out of the mini busses, cameras set up and capture those all important pictures with the northern lights behind our happy guests. After this, the Auroras began to fade, so we moved on and watched and waited at our final viewing spot in the wilderness. The cold clear night though made the warm glow of the fire a very appealing place to be, the kota was snug tonight. Food warmed over the fire and hot drinks enjoyed, we introduced our guests to our Lappish shamanism, an experience gained while we waited for the northern lights. The Auroras obliged, clear swirling curls of the northern lights moving about in the sky. Oh, this made the time out here in the wilderness so worth while, indeed all did come to those who waited.