We started and finished with northern lights 06.10.2019

We stopped and checked the sky at our usual spots on our way out into the wilderness. At the first location there was nothing to be seen but we arrived at the second spot to catch a burst of activity from the northern lights. The arc of the northern lights was quite low in the sky but quite bright, it did not last long but time enough to get the camera set up and get a couple of pictures before they faded. The sky was so clear and the stars so bright, so we continued on to our viewing place. The last of our guests joined us in the wilderness from the moose safari, now we were all together and going to catch up with the northern lights again.

At our viewing location on the hill top we could see the arc of the northern lights though it was very pale and by now partly hidden with hazy cloud. The northern lights brightened a little before fading back to being pale, this happened several times as we watched. The cloud slowly claimed more of the sky to the north so the fireside became quite irresistible. The fire enjoyed we returned out to see the cloud now retreating, the hazy patches returning to clear sky as so often happens at our viewing spot. Then the northern lights became brighter and you could see the tall columns of light moving along the arc of the northern lights, although the sky could not fully shake off all of the hazy cloud. We stayed a little later tonight as this looked like too good a chance but finally the northern lights went pale again so we set off down to our base camp only to see the last burst of activity when we were coming down the hill, its last bright burst came just as we were at the base camp, just in time to get a few last pictures, what an end to the trip tonight.