What a bright midnight sun and beautiful moose safari 25.06.2018

What a beautiful clear night to enjoy our safari under, the landscape of Lapland was looking at its best for us tonight. The moon rose as we headed out to our destination, so pale as it rose in the bright evening sunlight. We stopped to try to capture this moment of
the night. Our journey there was also blessed with a Curlew parent trying to cope with 3 young bouncy chicks running about on the edges of the road, a little careful driving allowed them to regroup and head off into taller grass to take cover under a parents guidance while we watched. Then at midnight the sun was so bright we were glad of some haze that allowed us to look to the north, it was an experience to raise a glass under the bright midnight sun.

On our moose safari we saw 3 males and 2 females hiding between the trees. The male ones have the antlers that are still growing in this time. The antlers are still soft and flexible in June  as they grow new ones every summer. Amazing how these big animals can hide in the bushes.

Please find pictures of the tour here