Wow how fast the sky can clear at our wilderness location 25-02-22

We arrived to our base camp under a cloudy sky, just a few minutes
inside and we came out to set off to our viewing spot and wow the sky
was completely clear. So many stars and just weak northern lights hiding
behind the tree tops. So a brisk walk to our viewing spot, we did not
want to miss anything. The creation of the northern lights explained
while we watched the sky, a few shooting stars gave the chance to make a
wish, our first few pictures of the northern lights were taken. The
cloud though returned so the fire side and Lappish shamanism moment was
a good use of this time. Then once again the sky just cleared and there
were the northern lights, tall pillars of brightness moving across the
sky. The clouds opened like the curtains in a theater and boy did we
enjoy the show.