Wow what a welcome to our wilderness destination 07.10.2019

On our journey out into the wilderness under a cloudy sky we had our usual stops to check for northern lights activity or clear sky. But sadly nothing to report from these checks, just cloud. Then as we were close to our destination in the wilderness the whole northern side of the sky lit up with a wall of bright northern lights. We could see it and watch it as we drove along, wow what a sight through the trees beside the road. We hurried the last 200 meters to our destination and parked rather in a hurry, lights off and everyone out. The wall of light was so bright, and so many stars could be seen through the northern lights as they rather filled the northern side of the sky. It was a race to get our cameras set up, fumbling in the dark trying to screw the tripod mount into the base of the camera while watching the display. Well I managed to get it all assembled to catch the last moments of the fading display, but what an eye full we all got, what a start to our adventure.

The northern lights carried on the rest of our time out in the wilderness but not as bright and sadly even our little location became cloudy as the northern lights faded from the brightest burst of activity. But you never know what comes next with the northern lights so we waited, some fun was had around the fire before we headed home still checking for signs of the northern lights. Then a mother moose and one young ran across the road right in front of our minibus, the mother paused to make sure the little one could keep up looking around to check her young one was OK. How beautiful it is to see these magnificent animals in their natural environment, what a night we all had.