13, unlucky for some but not us 15.05.2021

The first of our 13 moose was a large male posing sideways in a field, he stood and stared back at us as we opened the door to watch him. He stayed for a few minutes before continuing his evening foraging, heading off as always into the trees. Then the clients spotted a little roe deer in the bushes on the edge of a field area, with excitement I positioned the car with the door now open for us to watch this cute animal. It came towards us as it followed the field edge, looking for tasty things to eat before it too moved into the trees and out of sight. The clients now experienced animal spotters were ready and with team work we went on to next see another 2 large males together, brothers as they looked identical as they stared back at us. Then another roe deer and a young moose running through water made very interesting watching. Then 4 sets of mothers with one of last years young each still with her, all separate hiding in the trees or bushes. And last a single moose who stared at us for a short moment before vanishing into the trees. What a night, all the moose were quite close and they all stood a while for us to look at them before they moved on, lots of different birds and great conversations while we searched for Lapland’s hidden gems.