Celebration Dinner, Fireside Shamanism and the New Year 31.12.2020

The Celebration Dinner began with a welcome address for our visitors, there was something for everyone on the menu tonight. After the hearty meal we were all ready to head back out into the snow, first to our riverside kota to gather around the fire and experience some Lappish shamanism. This is the perfect night for this local tradition, a little extra magic in the air for us to explore our futures. The little horseshoes melted and cast into water, slush or for one visitor fresh snow the moment of truth arrived. Time to share the understanding of how to interpret the newly formed metal pieces, to share this experience in the time honored way. As midnight approached we examined the positive aspects we could have in our future, the shadows were scrutinized for recognizable features representing positive aspects of our futures. Then a snowmobile sleigh ride to the mountain top for an explanation of how the northern lights are created, the almost full moon illuminating the whole landscape with the horizon clearly visible. The hill top opened the cloud to give the moon a chance to light up our mountain top, and in this magical landscape we watched fireworks after counting down to midnight together. Then as is the custom we toasted the start of the new year in the moon light. Happy New Year everyone.


Find more photos from the tour here. Watch the video on our Instagram page!