Falling snow and fireside magic 28.11.2019

We worked our way out into the wilderness under a cloudy snowing sky, just a few fresh hoof and paw prints in the fresh snow on the roads. We were soon at our viewing location with me explaining the northern lights creation in the falling snow, as we watched the sky the glow of the fire inside the kohta became magnetic and soon we were all around the fire warming our safari food over the fire. The question of drinks resolved the warm drinks were enjoyed with traditional Finish korppu. Then we had time to share a Lappish shaman tradition with our guests tonight, our guests faces illuminated by the orange glow of the fire as the tins were melting. Once dropped into the water they were keen to understand how to interpretate the result, what was to be the positive aspects of their futures? Well some surprises, santa is in for a shock tomorrow by the look of it but it is all positive news.