Northern lights behind cloud until our hill opened up the sky 13.03.2021

As we climbed up to our viewing spot on the hill top the landscape was clearly visible, on the night of the new moon it could only be northern lights providing this light. And sure enough the whole landscape was filled with green light through the camera. The northern lights brightened and dimmed a little as we watched and I gave the explanation of how they are created. Bright bursts of light stood out through the cloud from time to time, the whole sky above us was full of northern lights. We enjoyed time around the fire while the lights were not so bright, then just as we were enjoying some Lappish shamanism the call came that the sky was opening so out we all rushed, now was our chance to see what the cloud was hiding. A bright band of northern lights curved between the stars we could see and the edges of cloud, out hill had done its job and opened the cloud for us.