Northern lights on the way out into the wilderness 27.11.2019

Tonight as we headed out of town, we again had a bus and this gave time while under street lighting to set up all of our visitors cameras ready. We arrived to our first checking spot to see the arc of the northern lights reaching across the sky, time for our first photo shoot and plain getting an eye full of northern lights. This display proved to be the brightest of the night but we did not know this at the time, they got brighter as we watched, yippee! We took photos and watched for a while but when they faded we took the chance to move on, I kept an eye on the northern lights as we traveled but it was when we got to our hill top that again they brightened up again this time closer so they looked higher in the sky. The northern lights looked a little fuzzy but they looked more in focus from time to time, these clearer structured times proved to be the time to take pictures, so beautiful. The fireside was quite popular but some of our guests simply stayed out and watched the northern lights, their brightness and form changing as we watched.

Please download photos taken during Auroras Tour on 27.11.2019 from down below:

Lapland Welcome – Auroras Tour 27.11