Northern lights to the south 29.09.2019

Tonight as we headed out of town under a cloudy sky in the rain, hopes were not too high. We stopped to check for signs of the northern lights to see brightness moving around behind the cloud above us, though there was just enough traffic to make it difficult. So we moved on to our second stopping place to again check the sky to discover a much brighter sky, through the camera the whole sky was green. The brightest northern lights were to the south so we got some good pictures of the green sky with the tree tops to the south, wow what a firestorm there was up there. The cloud looked like it was about to open a little so we watched and waited but then the brightness began to reduce so we continued on our way. At our viewing spot we waited, the occasional star we saw but the brightness of the northern lights by this time was missing from the sky. And when we got the hole in the cloud, and it was a big hole for a while there sadly was no sign of the northern lights, just stars and dark space. On the return journey again the northern lights flared up to illuminate the sky but by now the cloud was too thick. We kept checking and we also stopped to photograph Rovaniemi’s light pollution reflected on a mirror smooth river, so beautiful in a way.

Photo comes from our archives.