Rising moon and staring moose, Moose Safari 16.8.2019.

Tonight our search for moose was done under the rising moon which was red as it rose above the horizon, what a sight.

Our first moose was enjoying the tops of willow bushes while listening for signs of trouble, this female was not bothered by us at all but was listening to other things going on in the landscape.One crossed the road in front of us and another moose ran to hide in the forest stopping to stare back at us when she felt safe. The closest we got was finding a female moose hiding behind a stack of birch logs, her head and neck stretching towards us over the logs just a few meters away. She was so close to us it was a remarkable meeting with this majestic animal, her ears looked so large as she listened to what we were doing.

Some fox cubs ran along beside the road at one point, with mountain hares and a roe deer also spotted. A mother with all her young black grouse also were worth stopping for, before they took cover in the forest. And a group of cranes took to flight as we arrived to the field edge they were in, what a sight.