Shooting stars and northern lights 03.11.2019

We left a cloudy snowy town to head out to our viewing spot in the wilderness. We soon saw stars as we headed up out of the Kemi river valley, we stopped to check for signs of the northern lights at our usual spots but just the first shooting stars were seen in a dark clear sky. At our viewing spot we stood in the fresh snow from yesterday and watched the sky, a few more shooting stars but still no northern lights, so some wishes made tonight. The fire once lit was a magnet in the cold night, soon we were all around it and heating food over the fire. I kept checking the sky but it was not until the sausages were almost ready that the northern lights appeared, so it was everyone out sausages steaming on the end of the forks under the northern lights. The northern lights had our full attention, beautiful tall fingers of light gently wandering across the sky, just what we wanted to get from our night out in Lapland’s wilderness.

Please download the photos taken during the Auroras Tour 3.11 from down below:

Lapland Welcome – Auroras Tour 3.11