Straight from the North! 09.01.2020

Tonight we were already excited about the perfectly clear sky when we started our northern lights hunting. At our first stop, we saw all these beautiful stars on the night sky but the northern lights were too shy to show up. While heading to our destination I noticed the activity getting stronger. We went to our teepee to make a fire and to make ourselves comfortable while waiting for the northern lights to show themselves. After a while we started to see them coming, all the way across the clear sky above us. They became stronger and stronger and suddenly we saw these beautiful green northern lights moving fast on the sky. When they started to fade away and the weather got colder our teepee kept us warm while we enjoyed our BBQ dinner around the open fire. The northern lights appeared to us couple of times more before we started our way back to the city. While driving we suddenly saw them, even more, brighter than before, with beautiful green and red colors, dancing on the sky. We stopped and enjoyed this last display of the night and we ended our night satisfied.